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My career has evolved by experiencing, learning, and earning the spot in life I now own.   I started as a secretary at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) back in the early 1980’s. I worked in a department called “Government Affairs and Community Relations” (a fancy term for the complaints department).   I became an Executive Secretary within a year, and my boss advised me that my days of climbing that well known “corporate ladder” was over because I didn’t have a college degree. We mutually agreed that it was time for me to grow.  I gave my two weeks’ notice, got a job as a waitress, enrolled at Middlesex County College and crossed my fingers.  I graduated two years later, Phi Theta Kappa, with a degree in Accounting.  Then, I fell in love.  My formal education was over, a new quest was beginning.

I started working at my father-in-law’s Construction Supply Company at the insistence of their accountant.  I was the first female hired on in a very male-dominated industry.  What started off as a conditional hire turned into a permanent position because of my strong will, proactive attitude, and ability to overcome obstacles.

Well, nearly 35 years later I’m educating the next generation.  Although technology is an enormous tool and the road to the future, the ability to think outside that box has helped me greatly.  The experience of knowing where to go, who to ask, and how to get the job done is imperative in this line of work.  Sometimes the proverbial defensive play or an all-out tackle make the difference between a sale and a fail. You need to know where to strike.

My personal goal is to help my clients navigate through the complexities associated with the purchase or sale of real estate.  A proper marketing strategy coupled with the ability to educate and direct my clients, has proven to be a very successful approach. Your home or future home should be the place that encompasses your dreams, your desires—it should be the center of your world.   I would love to help you find that place that will warm your heart and be the pivotal part of your universe.

Besides being involved with residential properties, I have been actively involved in the sale of a shopping center in Boca Raton Florida, a contaminated site in Rutherford NJ, the sale of 120 acres in Pennsylvania being used as a solar field, and a ground lease involving a Quick Chek.  Each one of these undertakings where unique projects that needed a hard push and personal touch. 

It is my belief, that with the knowledge and experience I have, I will manage the sale or purchase of your home with the professional dexterity that today’s real estate transactions require. This is likely the biggest investment of your life—I want to help you attain your dream. 

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